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Cosmetic Dentistry Unlocks a Beautiful Smile

October 7, 2021
Posted By: Metropolitan Dental Centre
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As a culture, we often associate physical health with a healthy appearance. Clean, clear skin, bright eyes, and a muscular form feed our expectations that being in good shape also looks good. When it comes to your teeth, this view holds especially true.

Numerous studies have shown that good oral health has a positive relationship with your overall health. However, you may have healthy teeth whose appearance doesn’t live up to your expectations. That’s where our cosmetic dentistry services in Fairfax can help.

Areas Where Cosmetic Dentistry Helps

When looking at the various cosmetic challenges your teeth may face, our technology stands out. We offer the most comprehensive teeth whitening treatments, clear orthodontic aligners, even laser treatments! So when your teeth are both brilliantly white and straight, the result is a smile you’ll want to show off.

A Dull Smile Needs Professional Teeth Whitening

Tooth discoloration is a fact of life. Every-day use, food, and drink with staining qualities, even the use of antibiotics can rob your smile of its usual incandescence. One effective way to get that brightness back is our professional teeth whitening treatment provided by KöR Whitening. With their combination of take-home custom trays and in-office procedures, you can lift away stains and other discoloration with fantastic results.

A Misaligned Smile Hopes for Invisalign

If your teeth are less than straight, you might forego teeth whitening and instead restore tooth alignment. Unfortunately, teeth that are crowded, overlapping, or separated by gaps are harder to clean and maintain. Luckily, Dr. Caitlin Hulver has a solution for you: Invisalign.

Consisting of a progression of clear, acrylic aligners that you’ll wear over your teeth, Invisalign slowly nudges each tooth into a new position so that, in the end, your smile will be smooth with no tooth out of place.

Laser Dentistry

Our dental team uses modern tools to help our patients achieve their cosmetic dentistry goals. One example is our laser dentistry options. This therapy is especially effective in helping the appearance of a “gummy” smile. We can reshape areas along the gum line to reveal teeth and make them appear longer and more prominent.

Call Us for Cosmetic Dentistry in Fairfax, VA

Dr. Hulver and her team want your smile to look as healthy as it possibly can. We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your smile goals, not even finances. This is why we offer a VIP Smiles Program to help those in Fairfax, Centreville, Blevinstown, Annandale, George Mason, Legato, Burke, and Belleair without dental insurance save money on specific cosmetic dental treatments.

To learn more about our quality cosmetic dental care, we welcome calls to our practice and set up a consultation to help you decide which treatment is best for you.

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