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What You Should Know about the Clear Braces Timeline

January 20, 2022
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Clear braces in Fairfax, VA—like Invisalign or SureSmile—is an orthodontic system that uses transparent aligners to cover your teeth and straighten them over time. How long you’ll need to wear these aligners depends on the severity or complexity of your orthodontic issues.

For mild cases where teeth are only slightly misaligned, you may spend less than a year in your clear aligners. However, if your teeth are twisted and overlapping or if you have significant bite misalignment, clear braces treatment can last for more than a year.

How Clear Aligners Work

As with any orthodontic system, you start by visiting your dentist for a comprehensive evaluation. This initial visit includes x-rays, especially if you’re a new patient. At this evaluation, you’ll learn how long treatment will last, pricing, and whether you’ll need any pretreatment before starting a therapy like Invisalign or SureSmile.

Pretreatments can include treating cavities, professional teeth cleaning, or other.

If you’re a candidate for clear orthodontics, we take impressions of your teeth, and the results are used to fabricate your aligners. Then, you wear each aligner according to your dentist’s schedule before moving on to the next.

After treatment, we provide a clear retainer to keep your teeth from moving back to their pre-orthodontic positions.

Issues that Invisalign or SureSmile Can Correct

Transparent orthodontic systems can treat a variety of orthodontic issues, including:

  • Turned, twisted, and overlapping teeth
  • Gaps and unusual spacing between teeth
  • Bite alignment issues like an overbite

After therapy, you’ll also notice that your teeth are easier to care for. For example, brushing and flossing are more effective when teeth do not overlap. And an aligned bite can help prevent tooth wear and future cavities.

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