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It's Never Too Late for a Straight Smile

March 27, 2021
Posted By: Metropolitan Dental Centre
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Some of us missed the opportunity for orthodontics in our youth. And few of us are willing to wear silver brackets and guidewires as adults, especially if we have careers or busy social lives. Of course, traditional metal braces do get the job done, but the aesthetics can be a deal-breaker for some.

In our dental office, we offer Invisalign for adults. These are clear aligners made of smooth, comfortable plastic, and they do not draw attention to themselves.

Adult Braces Near Fairfax Station

It’s never too late to enjoy straight teeth, and the Invisalign system is perfect for adults who want orthodontics discreetly.

Your Fairfax, VA dentist provides you with a consultation where you’ll go over your smile goals and ask any questions. During this appointment, your dentist will also assess the alignment of your teeth and provide a timeline for orthodontics if Invisalign in Fairfax ends up being suitable for your needs.

We take impressions of your teeth. And the Invisalign lab uses our results to fabricate custom aligners that gradually and comfortably bring your teeth in line. Your dentist lets you know how long to wear each aligner before moving on to the next in your package. When you’ve used your final set of aligners, therapy is complete.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Cavities and tooth wear can occur at any age, but straight teeth help reduce the wear and tear that can lead to tooth decay and fractures.

You can also brush and floss straight teeth more effectively with no overlapping to store plaque and bacteria.

What we find is that patients who’ve had Invisalign simply feel better about their smiles. A smile you love can be a real confidence booster!

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Ask a team member about our VIP Smiles Program. It may help you get the treatments you need no matter your dental insurance—or lack thereof.  

We straighten smiles everywhere, including the nearby locations of Fairfax Station, Blevinstown, Burke, Mantua, Merrifield, and Legato.

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