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Why are dental implants unique as a tooth replacement option?

Dental implants offer patients benefits that other tooth replacement options don’t, which is one reason why we often recommend dental implants to replace missing teeth in our Fairfax dental office. 

With dental implants, patients enjoy a tooth replacement that's the closest to an actual, natural tooth. A dental implant is placed in your jaw by your dentist where it fuses with the jawbone and acts as a natural tooth root does to encourage bone growth. This natural process keeps the jawbone from deteriorating, which occurs when you have missing teeth. In this way, dental implants preserve the youthful shape of your face!

Dental implants also provide an attractive, natural look for patients. The crown or dentures attached to an implant are color-matched to your remaining teeth, creating a fantastic, seamless appearance. With dental implants, we can help patients make the smile of their dreams, even if they’ve experienced tooth loss. 

Additionally, tooth implants offer you complete security, so you not only have a beautiful smile, but you can share it freely without worrying about your tooth replacement falling out or coming loose. And there’s no special care required for dental implants! Simply brush, floss, and see your dentist for regular cleanings and exams to keep your smile healthy and shining. 

Tooth Replacement Options in Fairfax, VA

In our Fairfax, VA dental office, we help patients create complete, ideal smiles with dental implants and other tooth replacement options. We also provide excellent dental care to patients from surrounding areas, including Fairfax Station, Blevinstown, Burke, Legato, Merrifield and Mantua.

We want everyone to enjoy sharing a beautiful smile, which is why we offer a V.I.P. Smiles Program. This program makes your dental care more affordable, so you can make smile improvements without emptying your bank account. 

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