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Will dental bonding conceal my chipped front teeth?

Yes! Dental bonding in Fairfax, VA is a simple, non-invasive, and affordable way to conceal tooth flaws, including chipped front teeth.

Dental bonding can also conceal tooth discoloration, small gaps between teeth, and specific shape abnormalities.

It all begins with a consultation in our dental office. Your dentist wants to ensure that cosmetic dentistry—specifically dental bonding—will give you the desired results. This consultation includes a friendly chat with Dr. Culver and a dental exam.

If you and our cosmetic dentist determine that dental bonding is the way to go, we can provide treatment. And you’ll have a new smile in no time!

With dental bonding, we rely on the same material we use to fill decayed teeth. Our tooth-colored resin can cover flaws, and your dentist can work with the material to reimagine the shape of your tooth as well.

When your dentist reaches the desired result, we utilize a special light that sets the resin. Now, you are ready to smile and laugh with confidence!

For Dental Bonding, Contact Your Fairfax, VA Cosmetic Dentist

Chipped front teeth are impossible to hide without intervention from your dentist. Talk to a team member to arrange your consultation, and don’t forget to ask about our VIP Smiles Program.

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