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Why do many dentists only do tooth-colored fillings now?

For decades dentists were happy to use amalgam, popularly called silver fillings. They worked well to fill teeth treated for decay. However, they were not as attractive as they could be. Smiling meant revealing a mouth filled with metal.

Additionally, patients began to worry about the mercury contained in these metal fillings. Of course, the American Dental Association has deemed this mercury safe, but patients still preferred not to have it in their mouths.

Today, modern dentists rely on tooth-colored fillings because they can! In other words, tooth-colored fillings in Fairfax, VA work beautifully to conceal tooth flaws without detracting from smiles. And these fillings are mercury-free.

Another benefit of tooth-colored fillings is using the material to hide chipped teeth, including chipped front teeth! In addition, we can rely on it to camouflage discoloration and shape issues through dental bonding. We can simply do more for our patients with tooth-colored filling material and deliver an aesthetically pleasing result every time!

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