Dental Bonding

You take excellent care of your smile, brushing and flossing your teeth daily and visiting your Fairfax dentist, Dr. Caitlin Hulver, every six months for preventive dentistry appointments. These efforts make your aesthetically flawed smile especially disheartening.

Maybe you’ve considered cosmetic dentistry but thought it was out-of-reach or not affordable. Well, we have good news. Concealing tooth flaws can be inexpensive, especially with a simple and non-invasive treatment called dental bonding.

woman with red lipstick smilingWhat Is Dental Bonding in Fairfax, VA?

Dental bonding is a method of concealing tooth flaws with the same composite resin used to treat dental cavities.

Our dental bonding can conceal the following:

  • Tooth chips
  • Tooth cracks
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Slight shape issues
  • Small gaps between teeth

Dental bonding is also inexpensive, non-invasive, and fast. Often, we can complete your tooth bonding during a single office visit.

How Dental Bonding Works

If non-invasive, fast, and inexpensive cosmetic dentistry in Fairfax sounds good to you, we have you in for a consultation. Dr. Hulver wants to ensure that dental bonding will provide the results you’re looking for and that it is the right option to help you reach your smile goals.

Your consultation typically includes an exam and a conversation about what you’re hoping to accomplish through dental bonding.

If you decide to move forward, the next step is bonding your teeth—this can mean concealing flaws on a single tooth or several teeth.

At your bonding appointment, your dentist applies the tooth-colored resin to the flawed areas of your tooth or teeth, sculpting and concealing as she goes. Then, when Dr. Hulver arrives at the predicted result, we set the resin with a special light.

Following your appointment, you are free to enjoy your new look, and you can smile with confidence again.

Dental Bonding as Part of a Smile Makeover in Fairfax, VA

You can opt for dental bonding alone, or we can incorporate it into a planned smile makeover. Smile makeovers are ideal if you have multiple cosmetic flaws that you’d like to address.

Additionally, Dr. Culver can incorporate general dentistry into your smile makeover, taking care of any oral health issues that may be present, including tooth decay or emerging root infections. Through a smile makeover, we can give you a healthy smile that is also beautiful.

graphic of toothOur cosmetic dentistry includes:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental bonding
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crowns
  • Laser dentistry
  • Invisalign

Perhaps you have missing teeth as well as chipped front teeth. We can provide dental implants to restore your smile and dental bonding to enhance the appearance of remaining teeth. And we can start you off with professional teeth cleaning.

To Learn More about Your Options, Contact Our Top Cosmetic Dentist in Fairfax, VA

Dr. Culver offers an exclusive VIP Smiles Program to help you get the dental treatment you need despite light insurance coverage or no insurance at all. This plan also provides discounts on specific restorations, including dental crowns. To learn more, including limits and exclusions, give us a call today.

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