Dental Extractions in Fairfax, VA

woman at a desk smiling | Dentist in fairfax vaThere are many reasons why you might need a tooth extraction in Fairfax, VA, and it is not always a negative undertaking. Often a dental extraction is the first step toward an improved smile or better oral health.  

If you need a tooth extraction, your dentist will make sure you’re at ease and that the extraction site is completely numb before beginning work. You may feel mild pressure, but you should not feel pain.  

Typically, a patient relaxes with one of our cozy blankets and neck pillows while Dr. Caitlin Hulver, your trusted dentist in Fairfax, VA, conservatively extracts the problematic tooth.  

Reasons for Tooth Extractions 

If you have a severely decayed tooth or a tooth subjected to trauma, your dentist works hard to save that tooth—if saving the tooth is your preference. However, if a dental extraction is necessary, Dr. Hulver will skillfully remove the damaged tooth to ease your pain and protect your adjacent teeth.  

Following your tooth extraction, your dentist will likely suggest tooth replacement options to restore your smile.  

Our tooth replacement options include dental implants, dentures, partial dentures, and dental bridges.  

When teeth are missing, adjacent teeth tend to shift toward this space, which eventually compromises your bite. Additionally, tooth loss may promote jawbone shrinkage, leading to a sunken or aged appearance to the lower face. For these reasons, Dr. Hulver recommends replacement. 

In some cases, extractions come before orthodontics to achieve a better result. For example, if your jaw is too small to fit all of your teeth, an extraction before Invisalign contributes to a better outcome—eliminating twisting and overlapping.  

If you’re considering full dentures and only have a few remaining teeth—typically not healthy enough to support a partial denture—you may opt for extractions to wear a full denture.  

When wisdom teeth, which come in long after your adult teeth, are impacted and unable to erupt, extraction may be the best option. Additionally, wisdom teeth can encroach on adjacent teeth, causing you discomfort. At Metropolitan Dental Centre, we may refer you to an oral surgeon who shares our patient-centered values.  

woman flossing her teeth in fairfax vaAvoiding Tooth Extraction Due to Decay or Trauma 

An excellent brushing and flossing routine at home is a great way to lower your risks for cavities and dental infections. A great routine should be coupled with twice-yearly dental exams and teeth cleanings.  

You should also see your dentist in Fairfax, VA if you notice tooth sensitivity that does not go away or worsens.  

If you play sports, we also recommend wearing the correct face gear to protect your smile from a stray ball or elbow.  

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