Preventive Dentistry in Fairfax, VA

If you want to keep your teeth happy and your smile healthy for life, then you need to believe in the power of preventative dentistry. A little bit of effort each day, such as regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, can go a long way in keeping your mouth healthy for decades to come. 

At Metropolitan Dental Centre, we offer gentle yet thorough dental cleanings and exams in Fairfax, VA. We understand that caring for your smile now is the best way to protect it for the future, and we recommend our patients come in for routine dental appointments at least twice every year. 

Our preventative dentistry is designed to stave off potential dental issues and keep your smile healthy. Additionally, preventative dentistry may save you money in the long run by spotting potential dental problems early, which saves on costly treatments.

If you need to schedule your next dental appointment, we can help! Our friendly dentist office is open Monday through Thursday beginning at 7:30 a.m. Give us a call at (703) 503-5031 to get started. 

Using Preventative Dentistry Against Tooth Decay

When it comes to dental treatments and smile upgrades, we live in a world of almost endless possibilities. If you’re in the market to improve your smile, there is virtually no limit to the ways you can make your teeth look more uniform and appealing. Additionally, you have access to a multitude of restorative dental treatments such as dental implants and tooth crowns if you ever damage or need to replace a tooth.woman holding toothbrush with toothpaste

Yet, despite these countless ways to change your smile from the inside out, the very best resources you have at your disposal are arguably the basics you learned in childhood: brushing your teeth, flossing between them, and visiting your dentist regularly. 

Preventative dental treatments, such as dental x-rays, professional cleanings, and exams, stop oral health problems in their tracks before they ever really get a chance to begin. When you care for your teeth as you should, avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits that could damage your smile, and stay current on your dental appointments, your odds of developing a serious dental condition drop dramatically. 

If you want to protect your smile and oral health, you need to make preventative dentistry a regular part of your life! 

The Importance of Teeth Cleanings and Preventative Dentistry Services

Preventative dentistry is proactive dentistry, which is why visiting your dentist regularly for dental exams and teeth cleanings is so important. As your Fairfax dentist, we want to catch a small cavity before it becomes a large cavity that may compromise your tooth's future. We want to spot gingivitis—which is reversible—before it turns into periodontal disease. Our goal is always the long-term health of your smile.

man with dental mirror in mouthEach calendar year, you need two cleanings and two dental exams to keep your smile in prime condition. During each of your exams, Dr. Hulver provides an oral cancer screening, looks for any changes in your mouth, and takes periodic x-rays. Typically, having updated x-rays taken every other appointment, or about once a year, is sufficient to spot any dental health issues that might be lurking beneath the surface. 

Your preventative exam also dictates your general dentistry treatments in the future. Do you need a tooth-colored filling, for example? Are you prone to cavities? Should you have an extra fluoride treatment or receive dental sealants? Depending on your smile’s overall health, we can make recommendations for additional treatments such as these that may benefit you. 

Your twice-yearly teeth cleaning rids your teeth of stubborn tartar and the bacteria that may lead to cavities, root infections, and periodontal disease. Even excellent brushing habits cannot eliminate 100% of plaque on teeth, so our hygienist uses special professional tools to clear away what your toothbrush cannot.

At Metropolitan Dental Centre, we also like to educate our patients about their oral health, and we always welcome questions. If you’re unsure about your brushing habits or the types of products you’re using, we can recommend changes as needed. 

Your Fairfax Dentist Has Your Oral Health in Mind

Dr. Caitlin Hulver, your Fairfax dentist, follows the best practices put forward by the American Dental Association, which include:

  • Twice-yearly dental exams
  • Dental x-rays as needed
  • Twice-yearly professional teeth cleanings

If you have specific dental health problems, Dr. Hulver may recommend a more customized schedule to address your oral health issues. At Metropolitan Dental Centre, we tailor our treatments to meet your needs through every stage of life.

Teeth cleanings and dental exams are the foundation of all good general dentistry, and they are the heart of our dental care here. Each time you visit us for a smile checkup or teeth cleaning, we want to make sure we’re sending you home with the very best version of your teeth and gums.

We will always take the time to thoroughly clean, polish, and floss your teeth, paying extra attention to any red flags we may notice, such as bleeding gums, deep pockets between teeth, or signs of tooth infection. 

In addition to our preventative and general dentistry treatments, we offer additional services such as:

  • Sleep apnea treatment
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry, including professional teeth whiteningteeth with a dental mirror
  • Tooth extractions
  • Invisalign clear braces

You can always add treatments like these to your overall dental treatment plan. At the end of the day, our goal is to keep your smile as healthy and as beautiful as possible by offering the very best in dental care. 

Preventative Dentistry is a Collaborative Effort

While visiting your Fairfax dentist is crucial to long-term oral health, it is also essential to adopt an excellent oral care routine at home. After all, you usually only see your dentist two or three days a year—but you clean your teeth on your own several times a day. 

To keep your smile looking and feeling its best between dental visits, we recommend: 

  • Brushing at least twice per day, and always contacting your dentist if you notice tooth sensitivity that does not go away.
  • Brushing and flossing correctly and using the right toothbrush. Our hygienist can help you make the best choices for your oral care if you’re unsure about which products to use. 
  • If you clench and grind your teeth, asking your dentist about a night guard to protect your enamel from wear and potential tooth breakage.
  • If you play sports, always wearing the proper face gear or a mouth guard to protect your smile from impact trauma.
  • Never using your teeth for anything other than eating—as a tool to open a bottle, for example.
  • Not going more than 24 hours between flossing. Plaque on your teeth will harden and turn to tartar 24 to 48 hours after forming, and after it’s there, you won’t be able to remove it with a professional teeth cleaning. By flossing every day about 24 hours apart, you will remove more plaque from your teeth while it’s still soft. 

Have You Scheduled Your Preventative Dental Exam in Fairfax?

If you’re looking for quality preventative dentistry in a friendly setting, we encourage you to contact our dental office to schedule an appointment. You can reach us Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by calling (703) 503-5031. Our dental clinic can be found on the South corner of Braddock Roanoke River Road in the Patriot Square.