Invisalign® in Fairfax, VA

Embark on a journey towards a confident smile with Invisalign® clear aligners, a discreet and modern alternative to traditional braces. If you are seeking a way to address mild to moderate teeth misalignment without the visibility of braces, Invisalign treatment might be the solution for you.

Invisalign treatment is suitable for individuals dealing with common dental issues such as crowding, gaps or mild to moderate crookedness. It is an ideal choice for both adults and teenagers who prefer a nearly invisible approach to orthodontics. Our orthodontist recommends clear aligners because they offer a subtle and effective way to achieve a straighter smile without the noticeable brackets and wires associated with traditional braces.

Invisalign aligners are a set of customized clear aligners that are made to shift your teeth into the proper alignment. During your initial consultation at Metropolitan Dental Centre, our experienced dentist, Dr. Caitlin Hulver, will personalize your treatment by taking digital impressions to ensure the customization of the aligners to your teeth. You can anticipate changing aligners approximately every two weeks as your teeth progress towards proper alignment.

One of the advantages of Invisalign clear aligners is their impact on oral hygiene. Unlike braces, which can make brushing and flossing more challenging due to the presence of brackets and wires, you can stick to your regular brushing routine without any hindrance, reducing the risk of plaque buildup, cavities and gum disease. Additionally, the ability to remove the aligners allows for thorough cleaning, ensuring that your teeth and aligners stay clean and fresh throughout your treatment process.

Another benefit of Invisalign treatment is its ability to address bite issues in addition to teeth misalignment. While traditional braces primarily focus on straightening the teeth, Invisalign clear aligners can also correct bite problems such as overbite, underbite, crossbite and open bite. By aligning the teeth and improving the bite, Invisalign treatment also promotes better jaw function and overall oral health.

Invisalign clear aligners are not only discreet but also comfortable to wear. Made from smooth, BPA-free plastic, the aligners fit snugly over your teeth, eliminating the discomfort and irritation often associated with metal braces. Additionally, Invisalign aligners are custom-made for each patient, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit that minimizes any discomfort during the treatment process.

Furthermore, Invisalign treatment offers a more predictable and controlled approach to teeth straightening compared to traditional braces. Through advanced computer technology and 3D imaging, our dentist can precisely plan each stage of your treatment, ensuring optimal results with minimal guesswork. This level of precision allows for more efficient tooth movement and reduces the likelihood of any unexpected complications along the way.

Invisalign clear aligners also offer greater flexibility and convenience. With Invisalign treatment, you will spend less time at our office, as there are no adjustments or wire changes required. Instead, you will simply switch to a new set of aligners every few weeks. Additionally, Invisalign treatment typically requires fewer office visits overall, giving you more time to focus on your busy schedule without sacrificing the quality of your orthodontic care.

With no visible metal components, Invisalign treatment offers a comfortable and inconspicuous way to achieve the smile you desire. Embrace the confidence that comes with a beautifully aligned smile through the discreet effectiveness of Invisalign clear aligners in Fairfax, Virginia. Schedule your consultation at Metropolitan Dental Centre today by calling 703-503-5031.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Invisalign treatment differ from traditional braces?
Unlike traditional braces, which use metal brackets and wires to straighten teeth, Invisalign clear aligners are made of smooth, comfortable plastic that is virtually invisible when worn. Additionally, Invisalign aligners are removable, allowing for easier oral hygiene maintenance and greater convenience.

Can Invisalign clear aligners correct bite issues?
Yes, Invisalign treatment can address a variety of bite issues, including overbite, underbite, crossbite and open bite. By aligning the teeth and improving the bite, Invisalign aligners not only enhances the appearance of the smile but also promotes better jaw function and overall oral health.

How often do I need to wear my Invisalign aligners?
For optimal results, it is recommended to wear your Invisalign aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours per day, removing them only for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Consistent wear is essential for the success of your treatment and achieving the desired outcome within the estimated timeframe.

How long does clear aligner therapy typically take?
Treatment time can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the patient’s individual needs. However, many patients achieve their desired results in approximately 6 to 18 months.

Will wearing Invisalign aligners affect my speech?
While it may take a few days to adjust to wearing Invisalign aligners, most patients find that any speech changes are minimal and temporary. With practice, you will quickly adapt to speaking with the aligners in place and any initial discomfort will diminish over time.

Is Invisalign treatment suitable for all ages?
Yes, Invisalign clear aligners are suitable for both teenagers and adults who want to straighten their teeth discreetly. Invisalign Teen offers special features designed specifically for adolescent patients, while Invisalign for adults provides a tailored orthodontic solution for individuals of all ages.

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